Psalm 119:9

Psalm 119:9 - How can a young man keep his way pure? By guarding it according to Your word.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

It's About Jesus, Not Religion

"Miserable Christians" by Randy Willis Photos on Flickr 

Jesus saves. Not church, not theology, not "doing good stuff". Oh, people can
masquerade, they can say the creeds, they can go to church, but if they have no
relationship with Jesus Christ, they are lost. This doesn't mean that you have to
feel a warm and fuzzy closeness with Him all the time to be saved, it means that
if you have not personally repented of your sins and trusted in Him, if your life
is not guided by what He says, if you take Him out of the closet for Sunday, and
then forsake Him the rest of the week, You are lost. Beware of placing your trust
in a way of life, rather than the Giver of Life, lest this should be said to you on
the last day:

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Diggin' Them Shins!

You know, we've been up here in the mountains for nine years and never have gone
to Shindig on the Green, but we got the opportunity to go yesterday, so I took my 
trusty '70s Yamaha FG-160 to pick along with. B) I was pretty nervous about going
over there with all those other people and playing, but as I started playing along, it 
became very fun!
  They had a bunch of local bands play, and there was plenty of clogging and square
dancing. (None of which, by the way, was done by me. HA HA!) Actually, no one
really took notice of me, except one guy that was sitting in front of us that recognized
the tone of my guitar as a Yamaha that he'd owned a while back! He said that he had
purchased expensive Martins and Taylors, but he always loved that Yamaha.
I really enjoyed being able to just sit back in obscurity and play along with all the
bands, and it was a pretty good test of my dexterity! I'm sorry to say, though, that we
forgot the camera, so no pictures here, but you can see some at the Citizen-Times 
Website. We got there at about seven, and left around nine, but I could have stayed
longer! B)  It was all around a good time, and I expect we'll go again sometime...

(BTW, I'm thinking of getting some fingerpicks, any advice?)

Monday, August 22, 2011

New Name Alert!

Ta-Da! As you can probably see by now, I have changed the name of my blog,
I hope it isn't cheesy or anything! Anyway, thanks to Sunny for coming up with
the idea, and thanks Blane jr. for the suggestions and advice!
 I'll try to post later tonight about going to Shindig on the Green...

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Just Checking

I've been trying to add a custom favicon to my blog, (for any of you that don't know,
that's the little icon that shows up either in the adress bar or on the tab of your browser)
and after lots of trial and error, I got it up!
So what's the point of this post? Actually, I'd like you all to check your browser and
see if the favicon looks like this:
If it's not showing up, you may need delete your browser's cache.

Anyway, happy surfing!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

I Done Did it!!

Yessir, I went and really did it, I got baptized today! I've been saved for about
six years now, but I always used the excuse of my "disliking" the water to not do it.

 Anyway, several Sundays ago, Blane Sr. was talking about baptism and gave
the exhortation and invitation to approach him or Philip about doing so.
I finally realized that I just plain had to do it! So, we made plans for the date,
and had the pool filled up ahead of time so it'd be warm. B)
Malachi Hodges got baptized right after me, I'm so glad he did it, and I'll be
prayin' for him!

Monday, August 8, 2011


I'm trying to think up a new name for my blog, and, well, refer to the picture above.
HA HA. Anyway, since I can't think of anything, I'll be taking suggestions for a new
name 'till Monday, August 22. Please leave any ideas you have in the comments,
and if/when one is chosen, the person that thought it up will receive a very special
prize: A well earned, guaranteed, certified, straight-from-the-blog-writer-himself
thank you comment! B)

'Till the Twenty-second!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

We're Baaack!

Salutations and fond greetings to all, the Williams family has landed! We had a
wonderful (albeit hot) trip, and while I was kind of nervous about going to the
farm, I had a great time! I am tired right now, hence the short post.
Sunny plans on posting on our family blog about the trip later, so tune in!

Grace and Peace...

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Back in a Few!

We're heading down to Florida Thursday for My parent's fortieth high school
reunion, and we'll be staying at a friend's farm in in Cairo, Georgia. We'll
be heading back on Sunday, and believe me, we're gonna miss going to Church!
Anyway, we're packing and cleaning and everything tomorrow, and we don't
have a laptop, so I won't be posting 'till we get back.

         "But on taking leave of them he said, 'I will return to you
          if God wills,' and he set sail from Ephesus.''
          - Acts 18:21